About Us

Welcome to my, "About Us" page. I want to start out by Thanking my friends, family, and customers by making this company possible. Without you all, my path to success would not have been paved. Okay, you can wipe your tears now after that last emotional sentence, and continue reading....

Let's take you on a "About Me" journey. My name is Clayton. I am the owner of Black Knight Diesel Tuning & Performance, A.K.A BK Diesel Tuning. I have been working on heavy duty diesel trucks for over 10 years. During that time, I focused on the troubleshooting and the electrical side of the diesel engine. It was always fascinating on how all the sensors, and on-board computers communicated with each other to make a piece of iron produce over 500hp. I started exploring the performance tuning side of this industry. Tuning is not something you learn over-nite. Remember in the first paragraph I thanked my friends? This is why.

I met an individual who has helped me succeed in this business. I have learned a lot from him, and as I live and grow in this industry, I still continue learning. Despite the hard time he gives me, and the frustrations I cause, we still maintain a strong business/friend relationship.

Here is where my family comes into this.

Hours upon Hours of being on the computer, phone, or at a customer's shop. My time that I have devoted to learning what I know today and helping keep my customers trucks on the road, my family deserves to be the one that is thanked the most. You have stuck by my side through this, and have been extremely patient while my company grows. Okay. Enough sob stories, I cannot leave my customers out of this, afterall. I did say they helped me pave my way. Please check out some of my customer reviews.

Kim Denton writes:

They worked on 1 of our trucks, it runs great now, NOT IN THE SHOP EVERY OTHER WEEK, And gets 1 mile to the gallon better fuel milage, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!

Clint Peterman writes:

Just had my 2010 389 Pete tuned! Well worth the money!!! It's like a totally different truck! I'd recommend this to anyone looking to increase their mileage and HP! You get every bit of what is promised, and fast to! 48 hr turn around had the ECM back and truck was rolling!!

Henry Allison writes:

I shipped my ECM to BK TUNING, they received it on a Saturday morning, they did their tune and had it back to me by Monday morning. After installation of ECM, I quickly realized after driving my truck that I was going to HAVE TO LEARN how to drive it again. WOW, WHAT A DIFFERENCE, just a little feather of the throttle instead of the old way of plastering the throttle through the floorboard. If anyone asks me or I happen to over hear someone talking about retuning their ECM, I will WHOLEHEARTEDLY RECOMMEND BK TUNING. 5 BIG THUMBS UP!!!!!!!