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John Deere specific hand-held flash tuner and diagnostic tool.
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More About Handheld Programmers

We offer the ability for you to tune your John Deere equipment without any downtime of having to send in your ECM to get flashed. With this programmer, you can read the flash file out, email us the file that is read, we will edit the file and email it back to you. This flash/Diagnostic Tool can read and clear codes and store 3 flash files so you can select the way you want your tractor to perform at any given time. Easy touch screen navigation. We can perform mileage and horsepower tunes so you can pull heavier equipment and decrease fuel consumption within minutes. This tool is proprietary to 1 single vehicle only. Please contact us for Tier 4 EGR/DPF solutions for the John Deere Platform. We have these in stock and are ready to ship at any time.